Installing Plex on centos 6.x

The official Plex Server RPM has some installation issues due to incomplete SELinux policy. Without correct SELinux you will get 404 HTTP error when accessing the web interface. If you do not want to disable SELinux, here’s how to install the Plex successfully

  1. Install Plex RPM, for example
    yum install
  2. Post-installation steps to fix selinux issues according to these steps (see post by jasalcido). In summary, create myplex.te with the following contents
    module myplex 6.0;require {
    type rsync_t;
    type var_lib_t;
    class file { create read rename getattr open setattr };
    class dir { create add_name setattr rename remove_name };
    #============= rsync_t ==============
    #!!!! This avc is allowed in the current policy
    allow rsync_t var_lib_t:dir { create add_name setattr rename remove_name };
    #!!!! This avc is allowed in the current policy
    allow rsync_t var_lib_t:file { create read rename getattr open setattr };

    Then, as root, execute the following commands

    checkmodule -M -m -o myplex.mod myplex.te
    semodule_package -o myplex.pp -m myplex.mod
    semodule -i myplex.pp
  3. Configure iptables if necessary. For me, allowing UDP and TCP for port 32400 was enough.
  4. Register your Plex media server to myPlex using the web interface. I had to check ”Manually specify port” (with the default port 32400!) to make the myPlex connection work.

Solution: Vuze (azureus) seeds getting ’queued’ status

Wonder why your seed get queued even if you want them to be seeded?

The problem is vuze’s quite poor default values. To understand the problem let me explain a bit more how vuze determines whether to queue an item.

Vuze determines the queue status on few things (in this order):

  1. First Priority rules (Options/Queue/Seeding/First Priority). Items matching the first priority rules go to the top of the queue. Please note that first priority have ignore rules which override the ”matching rules”
  2. Ignore rules (Options/Queue/Seeding/Ignore rules). Items matching the ignore rules go to the bottom of the seeding queue and probably they will never seed.

Most forum posts mention ”correct” rules for ignore rules but fail to mention that First priority rules have their own ignore rules too.

I have attached my working settings but feel free to tune them for your connection and needs.

Disabling ”Open File – Security Warning dialog” in Vista (and XP SP2 onwards)

After little bit of googling I found how to remove that annoying security warning dialog (see image). This should also work in Windows XP. Here’s how to define file types ’less risky’.

  1. Run Local group policy editor by entering following command in the start menu ”gpedit.msc”
  2. Open User configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Attachment Manager and double click on the setting called ”Inclusion list for moderate risk file types”.
  3. Click ’Enabled’ and write file types you want to run without the open file security confirmation. I have ”.exe;.msi” in the text box (see image).

You could also use setting called ”Inclusion list for low risk file types”. Remember that changing either one of the settings is weakening your security! Open file security warning prevents accidental opening of email attachments, for example.

Edit: To remove confirmation dialog only from files that are opened from network drives you should consider other options (adding UNC paths to trusted sites, for example).

Vista 64bit video preview thumbnailit explorerissa

Update: These instructions does not seem to work in Windows 7, see this newer post for Windows 7.

Lataa guliverkli2:lta (SourceForge) 64bittiset versiot mediasplittereistä Sen lisäksi lataa ffdshow-tryouts 64bit versio ja aseta se purkamaan haluamasi formaatit. Tämän jälkeen rekisteröi .ax-splitterit seuraavalla command line skriptillä:

@echo off
echo copying files to system32…
cd D:\Apps\Video Splitters for 64bit (thumb gen)
copy /Y *.ax c:\windows\system32
cd c:\windows\system32


echo filters registered


Uninstall proseduuri:

@echo off
cd c:\windows\system32

regsvr32 /u
regsvr32 /u
regsvr32 /u
regsvr32 /u

echo removing filters from system32


echo filters UNregistered

Secure rippien poltto


1. olet ripannut ”turvallisesti” EACilla cd:n flaceiksi ja cuesheetiksi. Cuesheet on ns. ”noncompliant”, joka sisältää kappaleiden pregapit.

2. haluat polttaa levyn, mahdollisimman lähellä oikeata, varsinkin gappien suhteen


1. Lataa burrrn ( Se muuntaa flacit ”lennossa” waveiksi ja polttaa ne käyttäen cuesheettiä.


1. Cuesheetissä on viittauksia wav-tiedostoihin mutta sinulla on enää jäljellä flac-tiedostot


1. Tekemäni ohjelma hakee kaikki flac-tiedostot ohjelmalle annetun cue sheetin kansiosta. Sen jälkeen ohjelma järjestää löydetyt flac-tiedostot luonnolliseen järjestykseen (esim. ”10” suurempi kuin ”1”). Lopuksi ohjelma tekee uuden cuesheetin, joka korvailee jokaisen cue sheetin FILE-merkinnän uudella, viitaten järjestyksessä aiempiin flac-tiedostoihin. Ohjelman luoma cuesheet kelpaa suoraan burrrn-ohjelmalle.