PPTP VPN connection from ubuntu

Connecting to windows pptp (VPN) server can be done from Ubuntu too! All you need is pptp-linux and network-manager-pptp packages.

After installing the packages, PPTP support is integrated nicely in the ubuntu UI. To see the VPN settings, click on the network icon in the tray bar and choose VPN Connections -> Configure VPN…

Gateway should be the ip address (or host name) of the vpn server. User name doesn’t have to contain the doman. I don’t like to use the password remember feature because then it is so easy to find out the password using the ’show password’ checkbox.

I found out that advanced settings need some adjustment for optimal performance. I disabled PAP and EAP authentication methods by unchecking them. I use Point-to-point encryption (MPPE) with 128bit security and allowing stateful encryption. I’ve also checked BSD, Deflate and TCP header data compression. Send PPP echo packets is also enabled.

Now we still need to configure routing settings for the vpn connection. Without configuring routing I found out that the connection was very slow when surfing the internet. Routing settings can be found from the IPv4 Settings tab and click ”Routes…” button. I’ve added route with following properties: